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  1. The_predator

    Welcome to us ...

    2_5384615582920346226.mp4 Hello! We present to your attention the Phenomenal Token project. 1. Profit on investment from 1% per day in bitcoin. 2. Obtaining a loan in bitcoin secured by your tokens in this project 60-90% (tokens continue to grow in value, and this repays the irrevocable loan). 3. Reclamation of your project tokens at any time, at the current price (which is guaranteed to never be less tomorrow than today). Registration in the telegram channel of the project to get acquainted with the functionality (p2p), you can go through, by clicking the start button, clicking here We present you a project Phenomenal token. It is unlike any of the projects you are used to see. At the moment, the project does not have its own blockchain, but it will be created by the company in 2021. The project token is the first digital asset in the world that is more than 100% funded by bitcoin. That is, every token that a campaign issues is 100% funded by bitcoin and only after that is released. This is necessary so that the user can sell the token back to the campaign at any time but taking into account the increased price (guaranteed by the project) if there are no buyers. We offer you the opportunity to become an investor in a project that plans to release its blockchain, its own cryptocurrency exchange, and is already issuing loans in bitcoin against the security of your purchased tokens in the project. The technical support of the project answers questions around the clock and solves problems that have arisen in real time in the main languages of the world. We invite you to our information channel







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